Ghana Peanut Soup (Nkatenkwan) – Ghana

Nkatenkwan  “peanut soup” is a delicious Ghanian stew that is easy to make and great for peanut butter lovers.  Also, let’s not forget about the health benefits. Peanuts have more fat than cream, more protein, minerals and vitamins than beef and more calories than sugar.   

Groundnut stew is intricately tied to African history and a staple of the cuisine of many different West African countries. What Africans call “groundnuts”, Americans know as “peanuts.” Today the stew of groundnuts is even part of African Americans’ Kwanza celebrations, honoring their African roots.

One thought on “Ghana Peanut Soup (Nkatenkwan) – Ghana

  1. Please if you are making your own version of groundnut soup, kindly state that explicitly. This is not Ghanaian groundnut soup. Please do your research well and don’t mislead others.


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